Xanthe’s First Junior parkrun

Xanthe parkrun - View From A Daddy Blog 3

Last week saw the Little Lady take on her first Junior Park Run. We had attempted one the previous week but due to cancellation our hopes had been dashed so anticipation was high as we set out to complete the inaugural parkrun for Kids at Bloxwich. It was a huge success with a really great turn out. Junior parkrun is for anyone aged over 4 so she was in good company. What makes it even more fantastic is that parents can run too. The 2K route took the children around a path for approximately 1.6K and then along the grass for the final stretch. The Director was hugely welcoming as were all of the volunteers who made the morning so enjoyable. Of course the sunny setting contributed too.

Xanthe parkrun - View From A Daddy Blog 3Junior parkrun is all about challenging yourself. While your stats are available post race for analysis, you really only race against yourself and for a 4 year old she did a grand job of getting the most out of it, Her mom was her guide while I volunteered to take the pictures for the event. I’m told that practising her breathing is a target for next week. She enjoyed it and only complained a little bit. In fact her procrastination towards the end sounded a lot like my own internal monologue when I’m out running: I love this; I love this; I’m great at running; I hate running; why can’t I breath; o god I have stitch; I’m ready to stop now; yep I’m stopping now; O, here’s the end; Ok; Ok keep going; I’ve done it! I love running! I love it! I’ll be can next week. Sound familiar?

We will definitely be back next week but this time I might be the guide and get Mrs VFAD doing the volunteering.

Xanthe finished in 52nd place and was the 21st female out of a field of 81 parkrunners and 17th in her age category with a time of 00:15:37.

Discover your local Junior parkrun today!

Xanthe parkrun - View From A Daddy Blog 3

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  1. D joned on May 25, 2017 at 13:43

    What a wonderful achievement. Well done little one

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