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Littlest View From a Daddy has been making new friends at a great class designed specifically for a learning and growing baby at Tots Play whose own mission is to encourage your little ones to leap, laugh and learn and she has certainly explored all of these great new experiences.

Tots Play - View From A DaddyBaby VFAD joined the Baby Development course which runs for six weeks with each week offering some genius ideas on play and interaction that you may not even have considered before whether you are new to parenting or are an old hand. Offering a warm welcome, with superb communication in advance of the classes, you will be made to feel at ease and welcomed with a huge smile from Amy and Totsy (the mascot) ready to get involved in the interactive and easy to follow sessions. From yoga to baby signing, ideas for sensory play and lots of bubbles, there is something for everyone. Each week builds on the previous week’s learning so you can gradually enhance your armoury of tools and activities to engage your little one’s interest. Littlest VFAD didn’t particularly enjoy tummy time before she started the Baby Development Course but with some of the fab ideas that Amy at Tots Play has shared, this has now become one of our favourite play activities. The ideas are all easily built into your daily routines and you will find that your play sessions at home are enhanced even if you were on the ball before Tots Play. Tots Play provides you with access to downloadable music to massage to as well as a course book which guides you through the course week by week giving you some of the theory behind why you should be playing with your baby even from their earliest days.

The fresh days of parenthood can be quite daunting and if you are completely new to it or you don’t know anyone else with a small human, then joining in with a club or activity can be a great way to make friends yourself too. The biggest fear some face (including myself, is how much singing I’ll have to do) but once you’re over the biggest hurdle of walking through the doors of a new activity or club, you’ll find you soon settle in. Moms and Dads alike are welcomed and unlike some groups there’s no ‘clickiness’. The sessions run for approximately 50 minutes which is just enough for you and your little one to have some play time.

Some days babies are grumpy; some days they are as chirpy as can be; some days they just sleep a lot but that doesn’t matter because the relaxed nature of the group means that you are made to feel at ease whatever baby’s mood. So, if you are looking for a session to get the basics underway, check out Tots Play Baby Development Course. Or, if you want the next stage for your little one there is a class that begins for babies aged 8 weeks called Discovery Tots – we’ve signed up for September.

Thankfully, the Tots Play doesn’t sign off for the summer as Amy offers summer play sessions for baby and older siblings too – VFAD has signed both girls up and we can’t wait for more fun!

Check out Amy’s Tots Play webpage to see what she offers in Staffordshire:

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