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Kneelpal - View From A Daddy

I may have mentioned my dodgy knees previously, Mrs VFAD hears about them frequently but she is less than sympathetic. Anyway, when I came across the Kneepal at the Baby Show last week, I was intrigued as to what the benefits could be for me. I’m usually in charge of bath – time so anything that can help with lessening the effect of a hard cold tied floor on my dodgy knees (have I mentioned them already?) is most welcome. Lauren, Company Director, was a lot more sympathetic than Mrs VFAD about my ailments and very generously allowed me to try out the product.

Kneelpal - View From A DaddyXanthe chose pink from the delightful range of colours on offer and this week we put the Kneepal to the test. With a definite shape to position your knees, the moulded kneeling cushion is soft and spongy absorbing your weight as you assume your kneeling position. I have used them as a support during bath time and they are superb. My focus has well and truly been avoiding the splash of the bath water as opposed to swaying like a pendulum switching weight from one knee to another so as to save me unnecessary pain.

This fab little product doesn’t have to be reserved for bath time, it could quite easily be used around the house or even in the garden. I suspect, I am likely to be taking advantage of the summer weather soon enough digging up the weeds and planting some bedding plants so the Kneepal will be a great addition to my gardening kit. I’m not wholly sure I’ll be sporting the pink kneeler out on the front garden, maybe I’ll reserve them for Mrs VFAD! But, I certainly will be able to get down to sand pit level a little more easily now.

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