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Postnatal Exercise Class Cannock - View From A Daddy

This one is for the new moms locally. Mrs View From a Daddy did a little whoop when she saw this post from the local leisure centre. Cannock Chase Life is launching a brilliant new venture with their Funsteps activities to include a gentle postnatal exercise class for just £1.00, which we think is a pretty amazing offer for any mom on maternity leave. Offering the chance to get out of the house after receiving the all clear from the doctor, new moms can exercise along with their baby and start their journey to recovery. As Mrs View From a Daddy can testify to, if you haven’t got a huge circle of new moms to meet up with especially if it’s the second time around on maternity leave, this type of class is just perfect for socialising while still enjoying the company of your little one.

The classes begin week commencing 25th April 2016 and will run at both Cannock and Rugeley Leisure Centres. You can also take up the offer of a Funsteps package, which includes the postnatal exercise class, a session in the soft play and a swim all for just £5.00.  
To find out more details check out the Chase Leisure Centre website. You know what Mrs View From a Daddy and littlest VFaD will be doing this week!

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  1. Penny on April 29, 2016 at 18:46

    I attended the Rugeley class this week and can’t recommend it enough. Dani, the instructor was brilliant. She tailored the exercises to your fitness & considered your new born too. I can’t wait to attend next week and start getting my body back in shape.

    • View From a Daddy on April 29, 2016 at 19:36

      Great to hear Penny! Kate thoroughly enjoyed it too!

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