Photo bombed by a lamb…

Lamb Photo Bomb - View From A Daddy

Keen to make sure that we make the most of every weekend together as a family, we decided to book a slot at the lamb event at Rodbaston College in Staffordshire.

Animal Zone Lambing - View From A Daddy

Sunny and bright, the weather was quite blustery so we wrapped up warm and made our way. The tickets were waiting for us when we arrived so it was a smooth transition from car to barn.  Loaded into the BabyBjorn Xanthe was snug.

The farmer welcomed us inviting us to take what looked like a surgical gown and take our seats on the hay bale ledge. With the sound of lambs bleating nearby, we took a perch and watched the lambs being carried into their pens.

We were handed bottles of thick lamb friendly milk and the little four legged creatures were let loose dashing to find their food. Coos and happy noises from Xanthe suggested she was enjoying the fun. You got two opportunities to feed the fluffy lambs and they welcomed a stroke too. We even had a family shot which one little fella decided to feature in.

Other unusual animals live on the farm from ostriches to wombats so it’s well worth a visit. There’s cafe and shop at the end of the trail which served as a good warming spot for us.

Meet Rod - View From A DaddyWell worth a visit but try to book as it gets busy. We also came away with our own little furry friend who we have called Rod.

More information including booking details can be found on the Animal Zone website.

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