Maize Maze

Maize Maze - The Hibbs Lupus Trust

Maize Maze 2 - The HIbbs Lupus TrustIf you haven’t already schedule a trip to the National Forest Adventure Farm this summer get your diary open now. It’s a fun packed day out with even more additions since our last visit!

Today we were drawn to the latest attraction; the maize maze where you can sharpen your skills of navigation while you trek around the course. There are two mazes to choose from dependent upon your determination and the time you have available. We opted for the mini maze, only being two years old and all that. We were warmly welcomed by the host to the maze and directed to the entry point with a quiz to find the names of the hidden diggers. The maize is approximately 6ft tall so we really did feel hidden within. Even popping the Little Lady on my shoulders didn’t offer us any advantage. We had great fun choosing which direction to take and investigating the different features of the maize. The path in the smaller maze is flat and wide enough for pushchairs or even a wheelchair. It may be quite muddy if the weather is wet but the access is superb. We detected each of the hidden clues and learnt about trying things again in order to collect all of the information and complete the course successfully. A surprise was waiting for the Little Lady at the end too to celebrate our success!Maize Maze 4 - The Hibbs Lupus Trust Also recently arrived to the farm, is a building area where little hands can learn about the details of masonry. This is covered so its weather friendly too. There is ample space for many would be builders so don’t worry about having to wait to take a turn.Our little lady particularly enjoyed the play area today. With the largest JCB inflatable digger I have seen and clean sandpit areas as well as giant bouncy pillows amongst many other features this area is a firm favourite for her. The play area is separated into different sections which are age appropriate. The beauty of the National Forest Adventure Farm is that there really is something for all ages. Parents can get involved too.

We had a wander around the garden where a host of fruits and vegetables were in bloom, all ready to be picked for use in the restaurant which serves up some delicious food too. We sampled some refreshments today from the restaurant that is attached to a huge indoor play area, which was popular. Service was swift and efficient and the eating area was clean. There are a number of covered pic-nic areas outside and a fast food area if you’d prefer to dine outside.

Another favourite spot was the animal barn where you will find farmyard animals as well as domestic pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits. When we arrived, the reindeer were just getting ready to go out for the day so we managed to have a quick close up glimpse with a quick rendition of ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’.  The newly arrived super cute piglets were charging around fighting for their feed while five beautiful calves were noshing away on their hay batting their beautiful eyelashes and drawing in the visitors.

Maize Maze 3 - The HIbbs Lupus TrustWhat I love about the National Forest Adventure Farm is that it is spotlessly clean. The area is well kept and features are maintained to a high standard. It’s also clear that since our last visit which was quite recent, the farm changes to engage its visitors’ interest.

There a host of attractions timed throughout the day to plan your visit around from animal racing to frizbee golf; a tractor ride to a show in the main hall. Whatever your young one’s age or indeed whatever the temperature really (although I’ll admit nothing’s much fun in the rain), the National Forest Adventure Farm is brilliant. So, get your diary open and schedule a visit to this gem of a day out.

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