Why We Return Again and Again to the Sea Life Centre

Penguins Birmingham - View From A Daddy

If you haven’t been to the Sea Life Centre Birmingham, now is a good time to get along and see the new Jelly Invaders exhibition which has some pretty amazing creatures of large and small proportions – some of whom even tangle with one another as they float around their tanks with mesmerising colours and motion.

As well as the fascinating movement of the creatures which can be viewed from outside of the tanks, there is also the opportunity to learn how to handle some of the centre’s inhabitants with friendly and informative staff.

One of our favourite parts is the Ocean Tunnel in which you become surrounded by reef sharks and the beautiful Giant Sea Turtle. While we looked and looked we couldn’t fathom where Beverly the Giant Octopus was hiding out but we were assured she was there – just a little shy. The penguins displayed some amorous traits during our visit with hugs and even displays of nesting. The viewing area around the penguins is a great space to witness the nautical skills of these beauties; you can get right up close as they dash and dive.

We visited on a Sunday morning which was popular but with more than one queue for entry, the wait was short. We were greeted by a knowledgeable and very friendly member of staff who made collecting our Merlin Annual passes easy and removed any of the usual stresses associated with having two children and a job to do.

An area to take a break and enjoy a snack or pic-nic was open, which allowed for visitors to make a day of their trip. A hot drinks machine dispensing Costa coffee was also in action – this was very popular indeed and a great treat for anyone trying to prise their mini sea venturers away from one tank to another.

A 4D cinema awaits you at the peak of your journey around the Sea Life Centre but be ware – you will get wet!

This is probably our 4th visit to this centre but our girls (5 and 2) love it. Exhibitions have been updated for this season so you should get to see something you haven’t seen here before if you are considering another visit.

Parking is within close proximity and there are plenty of food outlets nearby to make a day of any visit. If you’ve not considered Annual Passes before, they are well worth it and make a good option for Christmas lists.

Check out the Sea Life Centre Birmingham’s website for more information and offers!

Sea Life Centre - View From A Daddy 2 Sea Life Centre - View From A Daddy 2 Penguins Birmingham - View From A Daddy

This post is published as part of our role as Merlin Entertainment Ambassadors.

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