What Makes Us #SwimHappy

Zoggs Swim Happy - View From A Daddy Blog

What makes the Little Lady Swim Happy? Well before we started swimming lessons just a few short weeks ago, I would have said not a lot but since she’s been having 1:1 time in the pool, there are a huge list of things that contribute to her swimming happy.

Her enjoyment gained from being in the pool is clear. She loves every moment of her lesson and unlike some activities that become a habit and a chore, swimming has brought confidence and self-awareness. Each week, she’s having fun and this has encouraged her enthusiasm to commit to the weekly slot. Along with the fun is the sense of feeling accomplished. Swimming is a life skill and, although she doesn’t realise what she is gaining from her pool time each week which will set her in good stead for her future, she is growing in confidence session by session. From being a whiny child who groaned when her face got wet during bath time to one who will happily jump through a hoop and touch the pool floor or even attempt to swim a length with no arm bands, this little girl is one satisfied swimmer. Not only that, but being able to complete a lesson without having one of us lurking nearby gives her a feeling of independence, which has seen her flourish in unpredictable ways.

But above all of this, the swim happy for us all comes from being active and staying fit. Swim happy means getting out of the house and away from screen time to face challenges like jumping into a pool for the first time or treading water away from the reassurance of the pool side – it means being brave and being strong both physically and spiritually. A confident kid it seems is making for a happy child and I’d far rather this than one who flinches at the thought of a challenge or even the splash from the shampoo water.

So, what is our swim happy? It’s splashing and floats; treading water and jumping in; it’s goggles and swim caps and the flap-jack that always follows pool time!

What makes you #SwimHappy?

Zoggs Swim Happy - View From A Daddy Blog

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  1. Dans the Word (Dan Jackson) on May 25, 2017 at 00:32

    I think children swimming is so important for so many reasons like you have suggested. Not only that, it may save someone life one day! Good post.


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