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When I was young we would all sit down as a family and eat a roast dinner on Sunday. Anyone would be welcome and there would always be lots of food. While we always sit as a family to eat (unless there’s a swimming lesson or a hockey training session that clashes), Sunday dinners don’t often slot into our weekends and usually only for a treat. With my partiality to a Yorkshire pudding the size of my palm, I was more than willing to go along to the Toby Carvery to check out their latest addition to their carvery – lamb.

We arrived early and had reserved a table which was a sensible plan as it was very busy. We were shown swiftly to our table and then got straight to business. While some diners had to queue, we had picked the right time and our food was plated swiftly. The vegetables and condiments were aplenty. The meat looked fresh and enticing and the vegetables including broccoli, cabbage, carrots, a choice of potatoes and cauliflower cheese to list but a few were being refreshed regularly throughout the service. For £4.99 the girls had dinners the size Mrs VFAD’s usual helping but not fazed by the portion, they tucked in and enjoyed it all. The adults carver is £9.99 which can be supersized should you have the capacity!

The veggies were hot as was the gravy and the meat was tender and delicious. We all went for the lamb and enjoyed our choice.

When you’re out you might as well go for it, right? Well as such, we all picked a pudding. The girls went for sundaes which they could create themselves, Mrs VFAD chose a lemon cookie sundae and I opted for my favourite: chocolate fudge cake.

For 4 carveries, 4 soft drinks and 4 mega desserts our bill came to £53.00. The service was great and despite being busy (it seems everyone enjoys a carver on a Sunday – who would blame them?) the team of staff were attentive and engaged with customers.

With thumbs up all round and a few loosened buttons, we left content ready for a Sunday afternoon snooze!

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