Top 5 Father’s Day gifts as voted for by British dads:

View From A Daddy - Father's Day

As Father’s Day fast approaches this Sunday, the 17th June if you have just done a quick mental check, the Royal Mail have published the top 5 Father’s Day gifts as voted for by British dads:

  1. A meal out with the family
  2. Hugs from the children
  3. Receiving a Father’s Day card
  4. Spending quality time (with their children)
  5. A walk in the countryside (with their children)

I’m loving the subordinate clauses on numbers 4 & 5. It’s not surprising perhaps that most of these include just spending time with one another – the people that you care most about or who bring the most laughs and giggles. I know that come 6am on the 17th, I’ll have heard at least one plea for a drink or a croissant (VFAD Sunday treats) but for me that’s what family time is all about. I’m beyond lucky to be able to spend time with my girls every single day and relish the chance to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I like a gift like the next man but what I love even more are the treasures that my little humans give me which they have chosen all by themselves: the buttercups; the worms; a pebble (random). They’re from the heart.

This year sees Pappa on his travels around the UK somewhere chasing the sun so to celebrate Father’s Day for him, the girls will be Face-timing probably talking about some random nonsense and for a large part showing him a detailed if not distant view of the artexed ceiling in our living room. But, the very essence of the call will be about love. The man’s in his 60s. He’s got all he wants. For goodness sake he’s dipping his toe in the sea somewhere, supping an ale and likely waiting for the World Cup to begin, what gifts would he need? The gift of love will be whole heartedly sent his way. There’s likely to be some glitter, perhaps even a dodgy 5 year old’s joke and reference to poop all in his honour but these will be the signature of their love just for him. Their Pappa!

View From A Daddy - Father's Day

Little (and big!) ones around the nation are reminded to post their letters and cards with enough time to spare for Father’s Day. The last posting date for 1st Class stamps is Friday 15 June 2018. 

So, if like me it had slipped your mind that it was Father’s Day this Sunday, fear not. There is still time to post a card and whether it will be emblazoned with glitter or just signed with love and thanks, don’t forget, it’s the little things that are generally appreciated more than anything that could be wrapped and celotaped.

View From A Daddy - Father's Day

Some interesting Father’s Day facts  include:

  • The strangest ‘novelty’ Father’s Day gifts that dads in the study claim to have received include a lifetime supply of cashew nuts, lottery tickets and ten garden gnomes!
  • Three quarters of dads have never been treated to breakfast in bed, and over half (53%) of dads claim to have never been treated to a ‘Father’s Day meal’.
  • Dads in Belfast are most likely to keep their Father’s Day cards throughout the years (75%), followed by fathers in London (73%), Cardiff (70%), Worcester (70%), Northampton (69%) and Manchester (69%).

Don’t forget, the last posting date for 1st Class stamps is Friday 15 June 2018. 

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