TOP 5: Dads Top Tips for Swimming with Kids

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We’re big fans of swimming but it can be an art to get everything ready and prepared for the event when you have two kids in tow. I thought it might be useful to share my tips for swimming with kids:

Tip one – Plan ahead, if you know you’re going straight to the pool, get their kit on under their clothes. Make life simple by being able to strip off and get in the water to avoid faffing. If you’ve got a toddler who requires a swim nappy have this on the top of your bag ready to get them straight into it and get going. It hasn’t occurred to me how munch effort rolling down a wet swimming costume was for a girl until I had to assist my little lady so to avoid this persistent annoyance consider using a two piece costume – this doesn’t have to be a skinny bikini it can be a swim set which will provide just as much cover as a costume. Remember get the towels on the top and add a plastic bag to wrap the wet cossies in when you leave (that is unless you have one of those spinning machines which do the job for you at your pool).

Tip two – visit the loo before you enter the pool. Every… single …. time, we need at least one visit once we’ve entered the water so aiming to avoid this helps at least delay the inevitable (in our case).

Tip three – consider a water aid. These can be in the form of arm bands or foam rings. We’ve got the later and they are much more comfortable on the arms and even more favourable you don’t have to find the puff to inflate them. We also have a couple of swim vests which are great for building water confidence. Both of our girls have found their buoyancy in their vests making a family swim far more laid back.

Tip four – get goggles! These have meant avoiding so many whining episodes. They have also helped both small and large have the confidence to launch or jump from the pool side and get their faces wet… this is no small accomplishment given washing their hair can be a trauma!

Tip five – get water toys. These don’t have to expensive but something that floats and can be used as a prompt to get them moving in the water will help to encourage them that little bit further.

What are your musts for swimming with little humans? Share them so we can all enjoy a stress free swim…

You can learn more about the Swim England Awards at and find your local pool at

Summer Ready - View From A Daddy Blog

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