#SwimHappy with the Zoggs Water Wing Swim Vest

#SwimHappy - View From A Daddy

#SwimHappy - View From A DaddyI posted previously about being #SwimHappy and I thought I’d give you an update about our progress. Since starting her lessons, the Little Lady’s confidence has grown ten fold and now she can jump in, tread water and swim to the side without any aid. Considering our starting point, I’m really pleased with her progress. What has really boosted her confidence during our fun sessions beyond the 1:1s that she’s having each week is a snazzy bit of kit we have been fortunate to test from Zoggs – their Mermaid Flower Water Wing Swim Vest which is just the job for allowing your little one to gain confidence in the water and enable them to move with more ease and freedom that can sometimes be restricted with the traditional wings.

The vest which has a zip to the back and a velcro fastener for securing the zipper in place, holds all of its buoyancy strategically within the body of the vest and the fabric of the arms to enable your little fish to feel their movements and in turn gain a sense of their own ability to float and move. The sleeves fit comfortably around the arms to ensure that the vest stays in place while they splash and paddle around. With the confidence gained, the Little Lady has swiftly started to explore the underworld of the pool, paddle free of me and jump in with ease. Each time we go for a lesson, she’s quick to check that we have a fun session after so the trusty vest is part of our take along kit.  Thank you Zoggs – we highly recommend this to support stage 2 swimmers.  We’ll be grabbing our next badge before you can say ‘school of fish’.

The Zoggs Mermaid Flower water Wing Swim Vest is available in sizes 2-3yrs and 4-5yrs.

Shop online for the Mermaid Water Wings Vest and discover more great products at www.zoggs.com

#SwimHappy - View From A Daddy

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