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The new year has started afresh with determination to get summer ready – not for the typical beach body but for the water. With a soon to be 5 year old and 2 year old, we are heading to the beach this summer and hoping for some poolside fun so we want to make sure we are happy in the water and have the basics sorted for our family water time. Swim England offer a safe and effective swimming programme designed for all ages. The structured sessions are games based meaning that there is lots of fun to be had. With the staged based, motivation is prompted and sustained throughout. 80% of swimming lessons use the Swim England programme so you’ll not be far from a provider.

Biggest View From a Daddy’s swimming skills have flourished since she started having lessons and each week learns a new skills or builds that little bit more confidence. If your little ones have the basics, it may be worth looking at the extensive programme which is available on the Swim England website as there are 7 stages to accomplish in the swim framework.

For us, swimming is a life skill that Mrs View From a Daddy and I learned early so it’s important that we preserve with the girls frustrations even when the going gets tough. We’ve come a long way. There have been days when washing the suds from the shampoo has been a test, but with swimming lessons and splash time for our girls water is associated with fun and laughter. Biggest VFAD loves the water; she relishes being challenged during her lessons and she looks forward to visiting our pool each week.

Littlest VFAD just likes to float. She seems far less concerned about getting her face wet like her sister when she started out. And, having acquired the basic steps that encouraged the eldest, we’ve started early to blow bubbles, kick our legs and launch off the side for example meaning she’s keen to get going as soon as we are poolside. Swim England reported that their Early Years programme reached a new high in January 2018 suggesting that we are not alone.

It’s early days but hopefully, as the badges keep coming to stimulate the motivation, the confidence will grow too and by August we’ll all be set for swimming whether that’s with floats or freely. Watch this space for progress updates – oh and keep your fingers crossed please!

You can learn more about the Swim England Awards at

Summer Ready - View From A Daddy Blog Summer Ready - View From A Daddy Blog Summer Ready - View From A Daddy Blog Summer Ready - View From A Daddy Blog Summer Ready - View From A Daddy Blog

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