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it's the Hibbs - So Shape

You’ll know if you follow my regular posts that I enjoy keeping fit and try to get as much exercise in within a week as I can around the girls’ schedules mainly running, swimming and pilates for core strength. Sadly, I have an obsession which I thought may have gone unnoticed but which was highlighted recently by the Little Lady when replying to one of those ‘ask your kids these questions’ and she replied to ‘what’s your dad’s favourite hobby? with ‘eating chocolate biscuits’. There’s no denying it any longer, even the 5 year old has me sussed. With that in mind, I have taken the opportunity to work with ‘So Shape’ to sample some of their snacks as alternatives to my usual go tos which I usually rationalise as acceptable after I’ve run 5k or having swam for 30 minutes. ‘So Shape’ offer a range of smart snacks which I have put to the test; Mrs Hibbsy had a sample too. The range includes muffins, pancakes and even granola which purport to offer life’s pleasures whilst being low in calories – how could I say no?

I have been most keen on the pancakes, which are super lean providing a light and fluffy pancake that has no sugar or fat. They couldn’t be easier to make – all you have to do is add water – stir them up an add to the pan for seconds where they rise to light and fluffy pancakes. The girls got involved in this and I can confirm that the snacks were really tasty. This high protein pancake mixture has been well received at our dining table at breakfast time and for a mid-morning snack.

The girls have been super keen on the ‘Smart Muffins’ which you can make in a mug. Now, I can honestly say beyond making flapjack my ‘baking skills’ and I use the inverted commas with a sense of irony here, are well, pretty much non-existant. The ‘Smart Muffins’ from So Shape are great for impressing the girls and whizz up super easily as a dessert or afternoon treat. I’m yet to perfect the ‘gooey’ that is promised from these beauties but there haven’t been any complaints so far – I’ll keep practising with the microwave and update you when I have these mastered.

And, finally there is one person in the house who has a penchant for granola. Sadly, like my habits associated with chocolate if granola were on our weekly shop, Mrs Hibbsy would need to exercise every 30 minutes to counteract the effects of her taste for this ‘breakfast delight’ as she refers to it. As such we only ever have granola as a treat. Her verdict on the So Shape is a big ‘yes please’.  Available in two flavours: chocolate or red berries, the So Shape granola has the same texture and appearance as regular granola and doesn’t compromise on flavour either. Some alternatives have less crunch (so I am told) but the So Shape has it all: flavour, crunch and the sweetness that gives the allusion of something special for breakfast. Mrs Hibbsy has enjoyed this with milk and when served with yoghurt but be warned like with any granola, its crunch will be lost if you leave it to soak up the liquid (and this is not as enjoyable, I can report!). It’s made with sugar free chocolate too so you can have a treat without the guilt. It perhaps won’t surprise you that this was gone before anything else from the samples we have been treated to.

Top of the list for the girls were the sugar free chocolate chips that they added to the pancakes and sprinkled over their muffins. They may have added them to their ice cream as an extra special treat and I am sure they would have made a welcome addition to the granola given half the chance to have more than a taste from Mrs Hibbsy’s spoon. I think it’s important to add here, that while testing out these samples the girls have not been party to any information about the reduced sugars or fat. We eat healthily and make good choices when it comes to food and that’s all they need to know at the moment. As with all things – everything in moderation.

If you would like to try the range on offer at So Smart, check out

it's the Hibbs - So Shapeit's the Hibbs - So Shapeit's the Hibbs - So Shape

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