Review – SmarTrike’s 5 in 1 Recliner Infinity Trike

Smartrike - View From A Daddy

She might look pretty indifferent but don’t be fooled by her glum expression (she’s one cool cucumber this one) when we got out and about today in the sun for our Smart Discovery on this fab purple smarTrike, Littlest View From a Daddy couldn’t get enough of the sights available to her from this position – out of her usual seat in the pushchair, she was ready to explore.

As the sun had made an appearance, finally, we got down to the park and triked around the perimeter track which is also home to some beautiful art created by community groups. There are even some pretty fab wooden creatures crafted by local art genius with a chainsaw – that’s modern art for you. From a squirrel to a lizard (not many of the latter roaming freely in Staffordshire, at least, I hasten to add) there is plenty for her to feast her eyes on.

We were invited by smarTrike to try out this latest design in trike and we were both impressed (I remind you to ignore the stoney face). What we liked most about it is its padded seat and large triangular shaped bag which fits comfortably onto the back harnessed under the steering handle so as not to interfere with your ‘driving’. What is great about the smarTrike is that grows with your little one.  At fourteen months, Littlest VFAD can rest her legs on the pedals and hold on steadfastly to the handlebars, which she’s proud of.

Attractive features that further compliment this design are the cup holder for your small one’s bottle or beaker and the interactive ‘phone’ which plays music for their entertainment.  I don’t know about, but this one is prone to throwing ad hoc anything that she’s lost interest in from her bottle to her shoes most recently, which resulted in me back tracking the school run to rescue a size 3 silver number that had been kindly adorned onto the school’s metal railings to save some dog savaging it  – anyway, the phone is attached so it can’t be lobbed.

We were thankful today for the sun canopy that can be retracted or utilised with ease. Unlike some of its counterparts which have a flimsy design, this canopy is sturdy and can withstand the gusts of blustery wind that tends to come our way. Its colour matches the detail of the trike padding and the bag, which is a nice touch and adds that bit of luxury. There’s an easy to use break and steering mechanism allowing for swift manoeuvres and a convenient tray which sits below the bag for the additional equipment that you may be taking along – you know the random stuff small children like to leave the house with that really should be heading for the bin or remain safely in the recycling box.

We loved our little adventure out this morning and I suspect the smarTrike will be her go to when the school runs resume again next week – that is weather permitting. In the meantime, since our return, she’s been sat in her trike in a what can only be described as a chill out position uttering sounds of approval and excitement (as much as a toddler can). Slightly annoyingly, she’s keen to get out and get back in again which she can’t manage by herself so there has been plenty of lifting in and lifting out again but she’s enjoyed it and it seems it’s her way of giving the smarTrike her seal of approval. I wonder if I put Peter Rabbit on rolling editions, she’ll settle down and nod off for five minutes while I put the washing out?

If you haven’t already and you’re looking to invest for a gift or just for some new wheels, you won’t go far wrong with a smarTrike – get out there for a Smart Discovery of your own making.

Smartrike - View From A Daddy

SmarTrike’s are variable from selected retailers across the UK including Smyths Toys & Toys R Us.

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