REVIEW: Pets at Home’s new dog food product

Rosco Hibbs - View From A Daddy 1

Rosco, the boss dog, was invited to try out some new food. Any mention of food, in fact even the ‘d’ sound of dinner stimulates a reaction in our labrador that is often followed by salivating and him spinning around in a circle like a dog possessed. It’s safe to say that he likes his food. He’s pretty resilient and so trying out new foods isn’t too much of a concern for us or him. I say resilient, the odd sock and pink Barbie dress has been spotted in his poops which he expels in his corner of the garden out of site. Fortunately, his dress and sock napping days are few and far between but serve as an example of us knowing he can eat most things without too much of a problem. We were hopeful AVA wouldn’t pose any problems for him.

Rosco Hibbs - View From A Daddy 1We tried Pets at Home’s new dog food product: AVA veterinary approved breed food for labradors. AVA boasts advanced nutrition with no wheat or wheat gluten but does include +imuvita to support your lab’s immunity. AVA includes a source of quality chicken and chondroitin as well as gluscosmine Having loved a number of golden labradors, we know only too well how greedy these big boys can be (socks and small doll clothes included) but you want to know that what you do deliberately feed them is hitting the spot and at the very least doing them some good. Both of our former boys suffered from joint ailments ultimately leading to some serious limitations in their movement and quality of life.

For Rosco, we want to be able to challenge these problems before they take hold so a good diet and nutrients are important. The benefits we’ve noted from AVA have been a healthy coat and a satisfied chap. He’ll always be a greedy boy but currently he is happy with AVA which is suitable from 15 months. He’s given it the empty-bowl lick of approval and keeps coming back for more. I think if he had the choice, he’d recommend it. We’ve been pleased too. The nuggets are quite big in comparison to some other brands on the market but this hasn’t stopped him chowing-down with his usual vigour and excitement. He has two good bowls of AVA a day, which matches his portions of other brands so we know that it is satiating him; he’d let us and half of the local area know if it was otherwise.

They don’t want for much do they labradors? A bowl of food; a nice walk and the sunniest spot in the garden and they are generally happy. AVA is certainly helping our lab in his pursuit of happiness.

You can find out more about this great range at
Rosco Hibbs - View From A Daddy 1 Rosco Hibbs - View From A Daddy 1

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