Review: Out’n’About Nipper Sport

View From A Daddy Out'n'About Nipper Sport Review

We have been really fortunate with an absolutely stonking summer. I have been able to get out and enjoy the beauty that lies just on my doorstep whilst exercising too. This can be a huge problem when you have small children who aren’t old enough to take part but with an Out’n’About pushchair this doesn’t have to be a problem. I was ecstatic when Out’n’About gave me the opportunity to try out their Sport model. We had bought a Single Nipper when Littlest View From a Daddy arrived so that both her mom and I could use it whilst maternity leave was still a luxury we enjoyed together but we have used and loved our previous model well and it was very near retirement.

The Sport is all kinds of amazing for reasons I will explain. Firstly, it has meant that my addiction to custard creams and chocolate digestives has continued mainly unchecked over the summer months as I have been able to burn my excessive intake of most things sweet whilst running on and off road around the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that is at the edge of my town (I’m not meaning to boast here but I can easily devour a whole pack of creams in one sitting). Secondly, what the Sport offers is a really smooth ride for your little one. I’m able to take my runs off road mainly on tracks in the open woodland which can be bumpy and uneven for a child (there has been many a tune hummed with a bumpy beat and bouncing feet) but the 16 inch wheels allow for a less jolting journey. The fixed front wheel also offers something quite unique in the manoeuvrability – instead of having to forcibly steer, simply leaning in either side allows for the Sport to move in the direction that you want to go. Obviously, a less stable terrain requires more of a sturdy grip but it’s far easier to handle this beauty than anything I have used before for running. The break lever is conveniently positioned on the handle meaning that akin to a bicycle you can halt at any-time – like when things are whanged in any direction unannounced from the passenger seat.

The Sport has a huge thumbs up from me and Mrs View From a Daddy. A smoother ride for our two year old has also meant less broken singing from the passenger seat and more snooze time. With the 5 year old now able to cycle, a snoozing two year old in the Sport for the ride and Mrs VFAD and I running, we can be Out’n’About together enjoying the fresh air and burning off the custard creams, digestives and the copious amounts of ice cream that has passed our lips this summer. I’d recommend the Sport model for anyone wanting to run. It may not be the best choice for simply looking sporty as it is large and moving around shops with narrow aisles can be tricky. That is not to say a different model may not be for you. We coped well with the Nipper for day to day use and running too. You will need to consider storage. This is not a small piece of kit. It does fit in our boot but the front wheel has to be removed so check out the dimensions as this may not necessarily be something that you automatically factor in before you buy.

Out’N’About has a range of accessories including footmuff, sunshade and even handmuffs for the driver (these might be essential purchase if we face the extremes of winter). We have the footmuff from our previous model and it has served us well. There are also adaptors available for car seats if your little one isn’t quite ready for the larger seat (follow guidelines for age appropriate use for buggy running to ensure safety). They say exercise is the key to good health and although I jest about my biscuit intake if I didn’t have the opportunity to get out and exercise whether this was running or just enjoying the fresh air, I know I would face challenges and at the very least frustration. If you are thinking about whether an Out’N’About is for you, I’d highly recommend it. It’s my Ferrari and I love it even more than biscuits!

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View From A Daddy Out'n'About Nipper Sport Review View From A Daddy Out'n'About Nipper Sport Review View From A Daddy Out'n'About Nipper Sport Review

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