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Just So Festival - View From A Daddy Blog

Sun, glitter, faux fur and a little bit of make believe is really all you need for a wonderful weekend at the Just So Festival at Rode Hall this weekend. You may know if you follow us that this is one of our favourite events of the calendar. Each year we ummm and arrrr about which tribe to choose (we went Fox this year – in case it wasn’t clear. Who knew what you can achieve with a glue gun and a trip to Hobby Craft?!).  We were not alone; foxes were aplenty as were stags, fish and bees.

The festival has family stamped right in the centre and the theme runs deep. Everywhere you look there is something fun and exciting for the whole family to do. The whole event is chunked into areas which you can navigate from Friday through to Sunday running from morning to evening. A handy programme gives you everything you need to decide how you’ll spend your time.

We arrived early today and head straight for the silent disco – what a wonderful invention. Kids and adults dancing like crazy cats to the sounds only heard through the purple head phones! Our audience looked bemused but we didn’t care and so we flossed away even managing a parent kid dance off!

We threw off our shoes and wondered around the barefoot walk, we chalked messages, jived to the groovy tunes in the Lightfoot music theatre, we honed our circus skills, painted our faces, tried our hand at mime and even met Fairy Blossom the fairy queen. There’s so much to do we could have divided our team and still not covered everything but that’s the beauty of this event – you’ll never be bored.

Keen to make the most of the cuisine we took only snacks this year and instead headed for the huts for food with a twist. For lunch we chose Indian while the girls went all American with Hotdogs and then we paused in the sun to soak up the atmosphere and slurp away at ice creams. We could quite easily have had a beer or three; a prosecco or even a pimms but we abstained and stuck to water which you can refill at one of the many stations.

What we love about this festival is the chilled atmosphere. There’s tonnes to see and do; it has an ethical feel and the toilets are clean. As the girls have grown, we see how much they can get out of it too. If only we were brave enough to camp, I’m sure we’d get to see even more of this wonderful family event.

If you haven’t considered a festival for your family yet, check out

Just So Festival - View From A Daddy Blog Just So Festival - View From A Daddy Blog Just So Festival - View From A Daddy Blog Just So Festival - View From A Daddy BlogJust So Festival - View From A Daddy Blog

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