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View From A Daddy - Aqua Wipes

The Aqua Wipes are just delightful. When the little lady arrived all those moons ago, we tried them all. Some were wet but not wet enough; some were soft but seemed to carry a sharp scent that left a sting to the most delicate spots but we settled eventually with one that seemed to do the job it needed to. We were were invited to try out the Aqua Wipes which contain over 99% Purified Water with organic aloe vera ensuring they are natural, caring and suitable for all babies, including newborns. We feel our experience of nappy changes and sticky spills placed us in a suitable position to be able to give them our honest verdict. Available in large and small packs the Aqua Wipes can be packed for days out without weighing your bag down. Don’t worry though, the smaller size doesn’t compromise quality or capacity. They get the job done. Whether it’s the bottom or the top end of your little one that needs some cleaning, the Aqua Wipes will make light work of the job.

View From A Daddy - Aqua WipesThe water carried in the Aqua Wipes makes them gentle on the skin. And although they have a high percentage of moisture they don’t leave a damp residue which seems to takes an age to dry like some wipes. Nope – all that is left is a clean surface so to speak. If you need a little more moisture you can squeeze them to get droplets – genius!

This may seem like a slightly flippant point to finish on but it’s an issue that bugs me no end – wipes that all come out together when you attempt to retrieve just one. This is not an issue with the Aqua Wipes. What you get is what you require. How many times have you been left with a bulk of wipes when all you needed was one especially when your other hand is loaded with the ice creams and trying to stem the flow of raspberry juice or worse still when you’ve been balancing the nappy bag and the new nappy as well as attempting to avoid any leaks or imminent manoeuvres from your Houdini like child and ten emerge from the pack? It may be that I have the ‘knack’ now but I’m more inclined to believe that it’s the way that they are packaged that makes the difference.

In short summary then, the Aqua Wipes are great and what really gets my approval is that the wipes are biodegradable, meaning that you can care for the planet, as you care for your child.

You can find out more about these fantastic wipes at

View From A Daddy - Aqua Wipes

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