Learn to Swim – Baby & Toddler Sessions at Nuffield Health Cannock

View From A Daddy Swimming 2

Guess who has been in on the swimming action this week? Littlest View from a Daddy and I were invited to try out Parent and Baby classes at Nuffield Health Cannock to develop her skills in the water as well as her confidence. To say she was born in the water, it has taken a few dips to get her more comfortable with it but she’s happy now and well, as you can see from the shots we took, she was soon splashing and searching feeling the motion of the water as she starts to become self aware.

View From A Daddy Swimming 2The swimming classes are for those aged 12 weeks to 2 years aiming to teach little swimmers the fundamental skills of being in the water. Equipping little ones with all the skills needed for a smooth transition into the stepping stones swimming classes where parents become redundant as the nippers’ skills develop.

We have been following the Swim England Framework for pre-schoolers which is centred around building a lifelong love of the water. Swim England believe that every child should learn to swim and be able to do so in any situation and they are keen to ensure that a child’s earliest experiences in the water are fun, positive and memorable.

Our instructor has boosted The Little Lady’s confidence within a few weeks, so I was sure that Littlest View from a Daddy would soon settle into the flow and that she did. The Parent and Baby classes are a series of 30min sessions for a period of 4 weeks. Sessions for different age brackets are available: 3 months – 12months; 1– 2 years & 2– 3 years before they join Stepping Stones.

Nuffield Health Swim Schools follow the ‘Swim England Learn to Swim’ Programme and all of their instructors are qualified with the Swim England high standard. The Parent and Baby sessions offer small group sizes to ensure a high standard of tuition.

The Little Lady is well on her way to collecting her certificates and badges from the Duckling Awards which are fun and have friendly characters to chart her progress. It won’t be long before our newest paddler will be filling her wall with certificates too.

To find out more about all Swim England Awards go to the Awards section here.

We have loved our sessions so much that Littlest View from a Daddy has taken to walking around the house with her sister’s swimming goggles on her head as though she’s set to launch into the pool any minute. She’s wearing them as I type! So this week will be filled with a few more visits to the pool to cool off and splash away.

Find out more about Swimming Lessons at Nuffield Health Cannock today!

View From A Daddy Swimming 2

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  1. Anthony - Dada & Monkey on July 10, 2017 at 11:55

    We can’t wait to take C to the swimming baths! Another bookmark in her development!

    • View From a Daddy on July 10, 2017 at 11:57

      Yes an essential life skill and a great way to have fun and bond. #SwimHappy 🙂

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