I’m off to try it again – because I’m worth it!

John Hibbs - View From A Daddy

I won’t lie – I am one of those men that like to take my time in the shower and even use the hair dryer to make sure my now peppery grey locks are dry. But with two little people to get ready in the mornings, the days of a lengthy preening regime have long gone replaced with a quick and frantic in and out. 

L’Oreal invited me to try out their new phytoclear anti-dandruff shampoo and if I’m honest I did think to myself, I would definitely be up for trying it as it would mean I could claim at least 30 minutes of bathroom time and Mrs View From a Daddy couldn’t comment. I would be alone, able to have a shower and wash my mane without any interruptions  (I have no mane – I’m only kidding myself).

My impression is a good one. The product is promoted as a regulating shampoo that purifies and calms the scalp to eliminate the effect of dry skin. It contains no silicones but has instead a blend of tea tree, lemon grass and geranium essential oils – now I’m no herbalist but I know what feels good and I can safely say that after just a few washes, my hair does (without wanting to sound like one of the glamorous models) feel fresh and clean. There is no heavy residue left that can make my hair in particular look dull or feel lank.

Mrs View from a Daddy reports having heard whispers of ‘Because you’re worth it’ coming from the bathroom, but I deny these claims. I’m off to try it again – because I’m worth it!

L’Oreal Phytoclear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is available from Tesco.

John Hibbs - View From A Daddy

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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