Hands-free parenting just got easier with the launch of LapBaby

LapBaby - View From A Daddy 2

An ingenious seating solution that takes baby-wearing to lap level has launched in the UK.

LapBaby - View From A DaddyDesigned to keep baby secure whilst seated on the lap, LapBaby enables parents to carry on with everyday activities, whilst nurturing and comforting their baby. LapBaby frees both hands so that the parent can easily interact with their child to aid early cognitive, physical and social development. Ideal for multitasking, LapBaby also presents a range of other advantages to the parents, providing a simple solution to ‘one-handed’ mealtimes, working from home, and socialising with friends. LapBaby is extremely versatile and can make a great travel companion, particularly on flights.

Created for babies aged 3-months and upwards, LapBaby incorporates inspired features, with a universal attachment strap to accommodate baby’s favourite toy, teether or soother, and a wipe-clean, detachable lap protector. Made with comfort in mind, the adjustable, padded waist belt incorporates Velcro for quick, easy fitting, and sturdy clip fastenings for security.

LapBaby is both compact and lightweight and comes complete with a useful storage pouch, which can be easily stowed in a changing bag or the shopping basket of a stroller.

Here at View From a Daddy, our newest addition is currently too small for us to use the LapBaby but as soon as she can hold up her head and her core is strong enough, we will be making great use of this brilliant concept. From experience, we know how awkward moments such as answering the phone, sending that quick email or even grabbing some lunch can become when you have no where suitable for your little one to sit – you somehow manage to juggle the phone and the wriggling baby but end up with limited recollection of the conversation as you had been focused on not dropping either of the two for the duration of the exchange or you have a phone sweated to your face and a very grizzly baby but the LapBaby promises to offer an alternative to that for both parents.

With a nearly three year old, it can also be difficult to continue as you had in supporting them before baby arrived such as when playing games or assisting with the those moments when the dolly needs a wardrobe change but, by allowing you hands free time, the LapBaby enables you the freedom to continue to support the older siblings too. And, let’s face it, there are some days when your little one just wants to be close too so taking advantage of that with a LapBaby will be a bonus!

Produced in a neutral colour way for unisex appeal, LapBaby retails at £24.99.

For further information visit: www.lap-baby.com

LapBaby - View From A Daddy

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  1. Sarah on May 12, 2016 at 05:40

    Seems like an overpriced concept. I literally did exactly this with a pashmina/scarf. My friend was struggling eating lunch and I showed her and she did the same and it worked great. Also it would worry we about baby dropping out the bottom or wiggling out the top as there doesn’t seem to be an integral harness, so you could literally sit and that’s it. Will be interesting to see how much use you get but I think for the price tag it’s alot for something you can create yourself. X

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