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Making time for The Little Lady when it’s just the two of us has been really important since the arrival of Littlest View From a Daddy (LFVAD). We’d spent so much of our time together while mommy was out at work before the incredible changes of a new addition happened, that I don’t want her to feel resentful. She has managed the transition from a family unit of 3 to 4 well (perhaps better than my wife or I have) and she loves being a big sister; she is helpful and incredibly kind to her baby sister (I have caught her tugging at LFAD’s ears this week akin to the way she plays with our Labrador’s ears but I’m hoping this is more a sign of her affection than it is a desire to develop a look of Pob (circa 1985) in the baby). A great opportunity arose to get some time together when Little Tikes asked if we would like to undertake a play mission – Play? Mission? Yes, please! So off we set.

The Little Lady received a box of goodies to open and test out, which she of coursed loved. A huge sealed box is a big draw to a three-year-old.  Cue squeals of excitement and: “New Toys Daddy!”. As part of our challenge we were tasked with getting out and about to have some fun. We chose Alton Towers for CBeebies Land and Diggerland the latter of which there are a number across the UK.  We’d never visited any of these attractions before but boy did we have a giggle. Not only because it was just the two of us having loads of fun but also because it’s apparent that she’s a bit of an adrenalin junkie. I, on the other hand, am a little petrified of heights!

We took along some of Little Tikes toys which came in handy as a distraction when we were grabbing some food and taking time out. But they came into their own when we were waiting ‘patiently’ in the queues that accumulated for the popular rides given that we had chosen one of the warmest days of the year to head to Cbeebies Land.

Our Play Mission not only went on the road but also took place right here in our back garden with the Little Tikes Monster Dirt Digger (RRP £29.99) and Dumper Truck (RRP £17.99) shifting sand, rocks and giant pine cones around the sand table. The Little Lady loves getting in the sand and there’s something about the sifting and shifting that these toys allow that kept her entertained for an age. I’d definitely recommend these for her age group.

The more portable toys came along with us on our Play Mission travels. The Tyre Racer Asst (RRP £9.99) is a cool kid-powered racing car that encourages the motion of revving to increase its speed. Once it’s off, your little one can chase after it. This is best used in open spaces as we encountered a few collisions but good fun all the same. It certainly tested her will as it took a few rehearsals to grasp the revving action. Also in our kit was the Push Racer (RRP £7.00) which is a push along car great for mini speedsters. Suitable for 18 months plus, this is a good size for small hands and comes in a range of racing colours.  Its use led to less crashes with innocent members of the public!

We had loads of fun and laughter on our mission. The Little Lady enjoyed playing; testing out her skills of dexterity with the giant dumpers and diggers and raising her adrenalin levels. I enjoyed our time together. She reminds me daily of how brilliant she is but when the chaos of domestic life takes over and there’s washing to be done, nursery runs to be made and distractions that are completely new, it’s invaluable to have time for just the two of us again before the school years start.

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