Cleaning Cars on Mother’s Day

Car Cleaning - View From A Daddy

Although today has been Mother’s Day, (and a fair job of it I did – even if I do say so myself) the little lady has been keen to shadow me for most of it.

Car Cleaning Day - View From A DaddyWe started in the garden with pebble sorting and arranging – mainly from the garden border to the dog’s bowl but it was gardening of sorts and then, when I began the Sunday ritual of ‘the washing of the cars’ (I know no one really does this anymore in favour of a quick stop at the local garage but I felt like asserting my man status in the street today), she donned her outdoor gear, grabbed her sponge and bucket and set about washing her wheels, and my wheels and the grass and the path!

Not to worry though, this afternoon has been all about playing kitchens and dressing as Minnie Mouse – mommy influence restored.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

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