‘Capri Gear’ gone forever

Nissan Family Car - View From A Daddy

Nissan Leg Room - View From A DaddyWith two summer holidays booked within the British Isles this year, a pooch and a toddler in tow, and all the accoutrement that comes with each, we decided it was time to upgrade from the ‘Capri Gear’ (our affectionate name for our former wheels) to a family wagon.

To provide that little bit more room for the bucket and spade and dog bowl, we’ve moved over to a Nissan Qashqai. It’s got what we need: plenty of space, a media package that allows for the Frozen Cd track 1 to be played on repeat and two fab coffee cup holders. It doesn’t require a Vehicle Tax payment each year and it’s economical to run.

Nissan Dog Space - View From A DaddyIt was a little bit heart wrenching saying au revoir to the car that we brought the little lady home in albeit that the ride to the hospital, when in labour, was full of expletives obviously caused by the intermittent contractions (the intensity of which was heightened by the sporty nature of the traction across the terrain of the natural landscape that is Cannock Chase). Nevertheless, my days of aspiring to be a boy racer are over – stroking beard and adjusting zip on windbreaker jacket.

Our visit to Pembrokeshire and Cornwall promises to be full of leg room and comfortable – good job Nissan!

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