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View From A Daddy - Staffs Police 1

It appears that our choice of activity for Sunday afternoon to visit the Staffordshire Police Open Day for the public to learn about the amazing job our emergency service offers has stirred the opinions of some.

Beyond the picture above, commentators have no knowledge of the conversations that we have with our children but rest assured for our family the police protect, a woman can be anything she wants to be and strong well this means having the determination and confidence to break the glass ceiling and the narrow minded limitations that are placed on people and most especially girls.

However some choose to interpret what they see will not deter our decisions to inform or educate our girls.

#ThisGirlCan #StrongIsTheNewPretty

View From A Daddy - Staffs Police 1 View From A Daddy - Staffs Police 1 View From A Daddy - Staffs Police 1

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  1. Lee Marsh on June 5, 2018 at 21:21

    Well said. Unfortunately people / commentators or more likely agitators will see whatever fits their own agenda.

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