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Introducing Rosco

Rosco Hibbs - View From A Daddy

Rosco the Labrador will be joining us later this month when he turns 8 weeks old. Rosco comes from the Poolehall Labrador line who have a fantastic record of producing excellent show and field trial winners.

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Christmas Holidays Begin

Christmas - View From A Daddy

Much fun was had at Winter Wonderland, Tamworth to kick start our christmas holidays. Keen to make sure we started the break good and proper we had booked a morning slot at the Snowdome’s attraction.

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Christmas Shugborough Style

Shugborough Mrs Claus - View From A Daddy

Today we have been fortunate enough to visit Santa Claus Shugborough style. Anyone who reads View from a Daddy will know that this location is one of our family favourites having purchased a annual pass earlier this year. So when it came to getting wrapped up for a morning in the blustery weather, I didn’t mind a bit.

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Christmas at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

Blithbury Reindeer Lodge - View From A Daddy

We were treated to a tour of the reindeer barns where a whole of host of characters greeted us with twinkly eyes and wet noses. We got the chance to feed the beautiful beasts their favourite Scandinavian moss, which they adeptly sniffed out.

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Parent & Child Parking

Parent & Child Parking - View From A Daddy

Never, not once, when I was not a parent did it cross my mind to park in a parent and child parking bay. You know, those ones with extra space for ease of access usually located near to the doors of shops or hostelries with large signs of children and parents painted within or even fashioning signs that suggest people with children should park here.

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