Are Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chairs Really Worth The Money?

STOKKE Tripp Trapp Review - View From A Daddy

I’m going to really a sad story about an abandoned highchair so be warned.

Stokke Tripp Trapp - View From A Daddy Review 4Last week, my attention was drawn to a highchair that had been abandoned in the cul-de-sac at the bottom of my road. Two things struck me about the image that I could see from my living room window. My first reaction was a series of Victor Meldrew style statements, ‘What the hell have they left that on the pavement for?’ ‘Surely, they could have gone to the tip and dropped it off!’, ‘Why would you even do that?!? But then, as my disbelief and slight annoyance at the act of creating an undertone of well, you know, scruffiness, started to wane my thoughts turned to the life cycle of the item and my internal monologue turned to something more akin to my mother in law whose ‘waste not; want not’ mantra my wife seems to have adopted as she too hoards things we don’t really need and most likely won’t ever use again (my cramped loft space is testament to that). Anyway, thoughts of ‘it doesn’t look very old.’ ‘I wonder why they haven’t donated it or sold it on’ ‘I wonder if they’ve used it for all of the children (there are three) or if they’ve had a new one at each weaning stage?’. I know, in hindsight, my preoccupation with the abandoned article did seem a little obsessive but I think that it was all fuelled by our recent acquisition of a Stokke Tripp Trapp for the Littlest View From a Daddy and other’s concerns about the price of such items that seem to be all the rage but that cost that little bit more?

So, is it worth it and will the Tripp Trapp find itself abandoned on the front lawn (I could hardly bare the embarrassment)? The answer is simply ‘No’. This is our second Tripp Trapp and not because we had to chuck the first one but because our now three and three quarter old is still using the original; as your child grows, the chair can be adapted to fit them right up until they no longer need the assistance of a strap to secure them or a raised seat to get them at table level.

We’ve recently had to make some adjustments to our living space with the addition of another diner at the table. A square table just wasn’t working so we’ve gone round and now with two Tripp Trapps (in funky grey which match the new table) we are all comfortably fitting into our bijoux dining room (very city in suburban Staffordshire).

Stokke Tripp Trapp - View From A Daddy Review 4Since she was a dot, Littlest VFAD has joined us at the table with the Newborn Set but now that she is a keen eater stuffing whatever she can get her hands on into her mouth or just vacuuming it from the table whichever allows food to enter her quickest is all enabled by the Tripp Trapp. Conversely, on the opposite side of the table sits her elder sister, also on a Tripp Trapp that she’s climbed on to herself and which hosts her in the same position but without the need to provide a back support or straps. Both are equally happy. And, should we ever host any other adults (who am I kidding?), the chairs can be further adapted to lower the seats with ease.

So, back to the original question: Is a Stokke Tripp Trapp worth the money? ‘O, yes’ would be my resounding response. Not simply because it will save your neighbours the embarrassment and horror of seeing a discarded highchair left wanting on your front lawn but more importantly because it will serve you well. It will allow you to dine with your little ones, read with them, play games with them, colour with them, craft with them and socialise with them in comfort – not only when they are weaning but for a long time yet.

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STOKKE Tripp Trapp Review - View From A Daddy 2

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  1. Jim (OneDadOneBlog) on April 18, 2017 at 21:05

    We love our Tripp Trapps too and both Children have them as well. I’m loving the engraving feature they do on them now and wished we could have some with their names on them as like you say, they last forever. We have often considered ditching our own chairs and getting a family set of them… watch this space as with the new colours just come out, we just might.

  2. Orin on March 25, 2018 at 00:45

    Wife and I purchased it recently for our second dauther, and found it sturdy as heck and easy to clean. Recommend it, its pricier then a lot of high chairs out there, but totally a good investment.

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