Are Micro Scooters Really Worth The Money?

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So what is all the fuss about and are they really worth the money? It seems that we have seen them in parks and playgrounds in their droves since Christmas when the little lady had asked for a doll’s house instead of what we expected – a micro scooter but since the mini deluxe came for her to try out, she hasn’t looked back and the doll’s house sits in her room (dolls and all) harrumphing at the squeals that emanate from the back garden when both girls are out there making tracks and zooming around.

It won’t be any surprise that even with only a hint of sunshine, the desire to escape into the fresh air is huge for a busy three and half year old – this little lady and her diddy side kick offer no exception so while the weather has been somewhat on our side of late (with the exception of the crazy days last week), they have both been learning some skills on their new mini-micro scooters which have been a huge hit.

Each has a deluxe mini-micro scooter that can be customised to your own design with a range of cool and vivid colours and is marketed for 12 months plus. The mini-micro will serve a child up to 5 years of age (maximum weight 5st 7lb). The adjustable handle bar can be adapted for either of my girls’ age groups with the 12 months + using a brilliant silicone o-bar enabling her little hands to grip and believe it or not steer with the lean and steer design. For the older scooter (3.75 years – let’s eek this third year out), the o-bar can be changed for a t-bar, which also has the silicone micro-grip handles for ease. Along with the o-grip comes the adjustable seat that enables the tiny one to ‘scoot’ and rest while learning the skills required for a smooth move. This seems to be the thing that provides the reassurance to Littlest View From a Daddy (LVFAD) as she can feel the support without having to rely on it.

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For the more adept scooter the break allows for a smooth motion bringing the ride to a gentle halt. The three-wheel design also offers that sturdy element meaning that even with some uneven ground, the lean and steer helps them maintain their moves. The footplates are also silicone coated to avoid any slips when the rain does eventually and inevitably arrive.

Since we received them, the mini-micro deluxe scooters have journeyed to nursery and back, scooted around the play-ground, in front of the Lollipop Lady, down to the local town around the Artisan Market, onto the park (near enough to the skate park to say ‘we’ve been to the skate park’) and back home into the garden and around and around and around it. Until this week, Littlest VFAD had used hers in the house too shuffling with growing confidence from room to room.

View From A Daddy Blog - Microscooters Review 5As well as the great range of colours available in the micro scooters, there are also some pretty snazzy accessories too. From handle bar ribbons to bags and ponchos. The Little Lady has her eye on a windmill and I’ve heard Mrs VFAD lusting after one too. I think I’ll opt for cool and just try to style it out (if I’m not too old) and decline any accessories but just stick to the flex deluxe.

Both girls have jazzy patterned head gear to keep them safe. I’m thinking it would probably be safest for Mrs VFAD to invest in one too given her skills on a bike. Having said that, we had a great few hours on the park racing around and enjoying the freedom and fun. Getting outdoors really does make for a good day and with the micro-scooters we had lots of giggles. The Little Lady took charge of the directions and one of us followed while the other had the fun of watching our one year old really get to grips with ‘leaning and steering’  when, that is, she wasn’t distracted by a dog to which she likes to showing her ‘woof woofing’.

So back to the questions:  what is all the fuss about and are they really worth it? The answer to both questions is most definitely yes. The Little Lady had a traditional scooter before she tried the micro-scooter deluxe but she had no confidence in her ability to stay upright on it. My patience (I have ounces of it) wore thin quickly and we both gave up one of us often in tears and even with the flashing lights it has nothing on the micro-scooter which she runs to each time. Perhaps it is the reassurance of the three wheels or the silicone coated base which makes her feel that bit more confident; I personally think it’s the lean and steer mechanism that she’s mastered with ease that’s meant she’s not afraid to get out there and try it out. There is no question about whether she’d prefer to walk or ‘scoot’ to school. The answer is always ‘to scoot’.  So not only is she having fun and staying healthy, she’s also making up new verbs which can only be a good thing. Yes – they are worth it.  Every penny of it. For the fun they provide and for the confidence they enable – we are converts to the micro scooter range – Daddy, Mommy and the girls too!

View From A Daddy Blog - Micro Scooters Review 1

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