A blossoming friendship

Xanthe and Rosco - View From A Daddy

Rosco and Xanthe - View From A DaddyWhoever said Diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a Labrador puppy!

Rosco the Labrador puppy arrived with us 7 weeks ago and a blossoming friendship began! Although initially they both took some time to suss each other out and still at times play with each other’s toys rather than their own or indeed each other, they are beginning to communicate.

The little lady greets him each morning with a toy through the crate and, as you can see from the snaps, he’s taken to joining her in her crate too.

I’ll keep you posted about how things progress over the coming weeks. So far however, he has lost more teeth than she has gained, they are both good all through sleepers and he is house trained.

This weekend we’ll all be heading to Shugborough Hall to walk around the magnificent grounds.

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